Yes, You CAN Have It All

Yes, You CAN Have It All

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I was on 1380 The Woman not too long ago as a guest on a fellow host’s show.
We had a great time and talked about the things that women struggle with in being business owners.  As it always does, the conversation came around to whether we can truly “have it all”.
My resounding answer is YES!
We CAN have it all…we just can’t always have it at the same time.


(Really, she’s not the only one!)

When I was first told that by a Coach of mine, Christine, I was more than a little annoyed.
I immediately had that usual feeling of “what I’m gonna have to give up” or how I would have to “settle” or “lower my expectations”.
I want it all.
I want to do it all.
I want to see it all.
I want to experience it all.
I want to live where my heart sings!
Honestly, I was pi$%ed!Then, when I pondered it more, it gave me solace.

That REALLY, I can have it all.

Because what she was actually telling me was that all I had to do was plan it properly.
Think on it a bit…can you see how simple that is?
(I didn’t say easy – there are always challenges in what’s simple.)
But it IS simple.

Here are my 5 quick steps to creating a life where you “have it all”.

    • Get crystal, crystal, laser clear on what you cherish in life – your “non negotiables”
    • Determine how much time you want to dedicate to the people and activities you love – and put those into your schedule FIRST!!  (yes, before work, projects, deadlines, etc.)
    • Put in the things that are critical to generating revenue SECOND – above the “stuff” you do (think emails, opening mail, reconciling accounts, client intake…)
    • Add in the things only you can do and more importantly, the things you WANT to do.  THIS is the stuff that makes your heart sing, has you feel fulfilled in your work, has you using your assets and talents.
    • Delegate the rest of what is important but not critical (you can delegate more than you think!!!  And you should!)

Now the actual doing of putting this in motion takes a bit more, I admit.
There are some mindset shifts, evaluating of your team, reformulating plans, changing of habits that you will likely need to deal with and manage simultaneously while implementing the plan.

However, I am a living example that what I’m telling you works.

I travel frequently during the year for business and pleasure.
I rarely work on Saturdays and never on Sundays.
I spend 1-2 months a year in Italy, going once or twice a year.
I have lunch with my mother frequently.
I honor my priorities and my values.
And I have a successful business.

My clients are living examples that what I’m telling you works.

In fact, a client of mine just got back from a week-long cruise and told me how rested, relaxed and revived she feels.  She told me how much she and her husband had fun on the trip – especially enjoying Italy and Spain (two of my favs too!).
She also told me how the office produced while she was gone, meeting targets without missing a beat – as if she was there!
In fact, she added more than $6-figures to her bottom line in 1/3 of the time we forecasted!
Doing the things she wants to do in her business!  (which is actually less work than before…yep, true statement!)

Another client – who hadn’t vacationed in 5 years – went on SEVEN vacations last year and STILL increased her revenue while working with me to ‘have it all’!!

This is what I call “Living where your heart is.”  It’s here that you actually become extremely productive, tremendously effective and effortlessly profitable!!

And…working less – less hours, less stress, less “hard” stuff, less overwhelm.

Spending more time with those you love, doing the things that make your heart smile.

How’s that for “having it all”??

I invite you to give it a try…

Using my 5-step pfollowurheart kiterocess, prove me right…that you can “have it all” and live where YOUR heart is.

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