Perfect is Overrated

Perfect is Overrated

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Emerging monarch
Where in your business are you waiting to “get it right”?
Before you launch a new product line? (that could bring you added revenue right now?)
Before you hire a new Team Member? (who could lighten your daily burdens and allow you to work in your brilliance?)
Before you really go out and market your business? (instead of sitting, waiting, hoping someone discovers you’re open for business?)

Wherever it is, it’s costing you money!
It’s costing you joy!
It’s costing you productivity!
It’s costing you your soul’s fire…because every day you sit there, mentally berating yourself for not having done it already is one more day you lose your self respect and your hope your future being the one you really want.

What will you do TODAY to give up your drive for perfection and get things done NOW?

Tip:  You can always improve things as you go along; but if you don’t START, you won’t know where or how to improve on it in the first place!

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