Overworked, Exhausted & Underpaid? STOP Doing That! Here’s How…

Overworked, Exhausted & Underpaid? STOP Doing That! Here’s How…

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Frustrated_Black_BusinesswomanThe Secret to STOP Making these 3 Critical Mistakes that
Keep You Overworked, Exhausted and Underpaid

“I’m working from the minute I get up until I just can’t go anymore – but I’m not getting anywhere any faster.” 
“I work so much time in my business, I can’t ever slow down to have more time with my family much less me time.

Sound familiar? Maybe?  Just a little?
I imagine – because I hear things like this whenever I work with people from anywhere around the globe. 
And you know what?  I completely get it!  I was once there myself.
(confession: I wasn’t always an International Expert on Leadership & Business LOL)

It was exhausting being at the office until everything got done that had to get done to keep our business going! 
It was overwhelming to think of doing it all again the next day! 
It was frustrating handing out paychecks knowing mine was the one cut short so theirs wasn’t! 

With my family depending on the business I was running, failure was not an option.
I knew I had to make changes – fast.
So I went looking for answers. 

When I found them and they worked, people started asking me what I did differently.  Because I didn’t look so tired anymore.  Because I talked about my business with more enthusiasm than I had in the past.  Because I was heading off to Italy not once but twice a year to visit friends and enjoy life. 

Do I have your attention now?  Thought so.
Want the secret?
Okay, here it is: I asked for help.

Now before you go thinking I deceived you with such simplicity, let me tell you that was ginormous for me!  You see I didn’t know what I didn’t know I was doing all wrong. 
I didn’t have a clue that there was an easier way. (because to have what you want, you have to “work hard”)
I thought being a business owner meant exactly what I was doing – that you’re the first to get to the office and the last to leave. (because you’re the one responsible)
I thought it meant that you’re the one to make sacrifices and not to ask for anything.  (because you’re supposed to have all the answers – and never let anyone see you sweating to figure it out!)

So when I just couldn’t go any more, I tucked my pride away and asked for help from someone who knew how to do it better than me.
And that’s the first day I started to actually own a business instead of working in a j-o-b with my name on the door.

Now I could spend an entire weekend teaching you about this (and I do with my clients) but let me give you the 60,000 foot view so you can get started today.  Here are the critical mistakes I see business owners make over and over – the same ones I help them work through so they can spend more time with family, play more and STILL make money at the office!

    • Mistake #1: Not having a clear Vision

      When you don’t have a crystal clear Vision for where you want the business to go, how you want it to look and how you want to work inside of it, you end up feeling trapped in a j-o-b called Your Business, Inc. Instead, define – as I teach my clients – a Vision for your business that aligns with your values and the lifestyle you want to live. Vision restores passion, enthusiasm and energy!

    • Mistake #2: Reacting instead of Creating

      When you work on what I call the “HAP Method” (Hope-And-Pray it all works out) you’re at the mercy of circumstances rather than your commitment. Instead, create a Plan for what you intend to accomplish – daily, monthly, quarterly. It may get thwarted sometimes however you will achieve more if you work from that Plan instead of being a firefighter all day, reacting to problems and demands that clients, employees and others impose. Creating your business helps you earn more without working harder!

    • Mistake #3: Trying to figure it out on your own

      When you work as a Lone Ranger(ess), you exhaust yourself – not only trying to come up with answers but also trying to hide it from everyone when you aren’t sure. Reach for support. Find a Mentor, Mastermind Group or even a Coach. Someone who will listen without judgment yet hold your feet to the fire to achieve what you say you really want.  Outside support helps you succeed more than you ever imagined possible!


Business Owners

Exhausted from making those same mistakes?  Ready to really own your business?
I’d LOVE to talk to you about how I can show you how to do just that!  I don’t want to see you go through what I did – for as long as I did.  Simply, click here to tell me about your business and your challenge (it’ll take you all of 6 minutes, promise!) and we’ll set a date for a complimentary Business Breakthrough Session right away so you can stop working your a$$ off in your j-o-b with your name on the door!

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