7 Success Factors of Million Dollar Round Table® Agents & Advisors: Do You Have Them?

7 Success Factors of Million Dollar Round Table® Agents & Advisors: Do You Have Them?

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Ever wonder why the other gal (or guy) keeps hitting the Million Dollar mark to qualify for MDRT® but you don’t?
Does it ever make you think you just don’t have the “IT” that they have?
Sometimes wish you had the “magic formula” to qualify – especially since you’re working your tail off just as much as they seem to be?!

Unfortunately, there is no “magic formula” and there is no easy way because you are unique from her (or him) in your business.
However, there is a simple explanation for what sets you two apart.

Research shows that, while there are many variables, there is set of inevitable Success Factors that surfaces again and again.
In fact, after a study conducted of hundreds of very successful Agents and Advisors – Million Dollar Round Table® qualifying Agents and Advisors – we made a list of the ones that have the most impact on your success.

And the good news?

They’re all duplicatable.
Every single one of them.
IF you’re willing.

Yes, if you make it a point to implement and master these Success Factors,  you’ll find that instead of trudging along, getting really close but not close enough to take your seat at the Round Table, you’ll instead be qualifying for MDRT® on warp speed.

Take a look at the Top 7 of them here.

7 Proven Million Dollar Success Factors

Million Dollar Success Factor #1:  Environment & Mindset
They understand that they will never outperform their closest Inner Circle and must always be associating with those who are bigger and better than where they are now. They do common things uncommonly well and SHOW UP BIG. Nothing in their business is much different than a low producing Agent or Advisor; however, it is much better. Both a Fiat and a Ferrari are vehicles, but one of them shows up bigger, is built to win and is worth much more. They show up as a Ferrari in every detail of their business. They hate winning more than losing and they’re willing to “pay to play” meaning they’re willing to invest in themselves and their business. They hire a Coach or Consultant to expand their Vision, implement their Plan and keep them on course.

Million Dollar Success Factor #2:  Legacy WHY
They all have a brilliantly crafted story of WHY they do what they do. And it always relates to their Legacy Vision. The big picture that leaves the world a better place long after they’re gone. They use it in their seminars, appointments, workshops, marketing materials, videos and wherever they need to make the greatest point of influence. This is the most prominent detail in their presentation and sales process and typically part of their sales close. Its authentic yet intentionally designed to make a great impact and a great connection to their prospective ideal clients.

Million Dollar Success Factor #3:  Templated Blueprint
They followed the exacts steps that other Agents or Advisors shared with them on what to do. They didn’t ignore the proven strategies and principles described.  They didn’t say “I know that or I don’t need to really do that”. They did everything they could to implement all of the things that were already proven to work.

Million Dollar Success Factor #4:  Implementation
They took one step at a time to transition from low production to extremely high production. The first steps were always getting an Assistant in place, automating the marketing and working from an office and creating duplicatable systems in their business.

Million Dollar Success Factor #5:  Celebrity Brand
They strategically engineer themselves as a Celebrity Brand by writing books, producing videos, using world-class materials (business cards, letterhead, brochure etc.). Office Max and Kinko’s are NOT who creates their stuff.  They get featured on TV, newspapers, radio and more to share their Industry Authority views.  (Check out The Authority Advisor HERE which addresses this very thing.  Stay tuned for The Authority Agent launching shortly.)

Million Dollar Success Factor #6:  Marketer Mentality
They all consider marketing the #1 most important business activity and see themselves as Marketers that offer financial services rather than financial service providers who need to market.

Million Dollar Success Factor #7:  Toolbox
They all use tools that streamline and systemetize their business, saving them time, saving them money, saving them energy.  They also use some type of software to illustrate Comprehensive Plan offers and rarely recommend prospects and clients a solution that doesn’t include at least two products.

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I’m not going to pretend this creates an overnight result.
That would be a bold face lie.

What I will tell you is it’s faster than you imagine.
And with the right mindshift, it’s not difficult.
Especially when you’ve made up your mind that you’re willing and committed to do whatever it takes to push over the edge onto the side of unprecedented success!

The question is:  Are you willing?  And committed?

Leave me a comment below and tell me which of these Success Factors you’ll take on consistently for the next 6 months – and let’s see how fast you pick up that warp speed I’m talking about here.

Go ahead…I believe in you!

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  • Angela Moore says:

    This is great advice and can be used for many industries not just financial. Love all your points and specifically “Implementation” which is so crucial. You can have the best ideas and plans but without execution you just won’t get anywhere.

    Really great article!

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