Here you’ll find some of the recordings of Aprille’s media appearances.

Enjoy and hopefully, something you hear in these will make a difference for you and your business.

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  • “Sexy in St. Louis iWatch Radio Show June 9, 2011″ – in this hour long video radio show, Aprille talks with host Becky Schoenig of “Sexy in St. Louis” about why she does what she does, why it’s important, her coaching style and what she’s up to next. (video radio show)
  • “Accomplish BlogTalk Radio March 31, 2011″ – in a recent conversation with Darlene Willman, founder of the international blockbuster Accomplish Magazine, Aprille talks about women in business.
  • “Gamache Panache BlogTalk Radio, December 15, 2010″ – in this chat Aprille talks with Donna Gamache of Gamache Panache who focuses on helping women build their Powerful Presence from the inside out.  Aprille shares her secrets of “Bringing the Sexy Back to Explode Your Business” and talks about her upcoming “Successful Sassy Savvy Women World Tour in Tuscany”.
  • “Dr. Empowerment BlogTalk Radio, November 8, 2010″ – in this interview of panelists, Aprille talks with Larthenia Howard (aka Dr. Empowerment) about why she is a Coach and not a Consultant for women entrepreneurs, what sets women entrepreneurs apart, why she loves working with women small business owners and her presentation at “Think Work Live Powerfully” on November 13, 2010.
  • “Porcelli’s Morning Deli, October 7, 2010″ – in this interview, Aprille talks with Vic Porcelli about how women entrepreneurs stand out, what they do better in the entrepreneurial world, and shares what she does to teach her clients have the “balance” they often seek.
  • “John Brown Mindset”, October 1, 2010 – in this brief interview, Aprille talks about the biggest mistakes she sees entrepreneurs make and how she advises and coaches her clients through them