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As an International Expert on Leadership, I teach what I call the 5 C’s – the first of which is CHARACTER.

And what do I teach that it means?

Which is…do what you say.
WHEN you said you’d do it.
Especially when no one is looking.


And of course, the cobbler (me) has no shoes more often than I’d like to admit – meaning I haven’t heeded my own words in certain instances.
And yet, day after day, I take action steps to put IN the integrity.
Because as I always say, Integrity is a blessing when you honor it and a bi##h when you don’t.

Not only that, it nags at you…doesn’t it?
When you KNOW you aren’t keeping your word – to yourself or to someone else.
And it keeps you awake.
And you suffer.
In silence.
Because perhaps no one else knows. Or even thinks about it.

But you do.
Because you know the truth of it.
And so you try to hide.
By keeping BUSY.
By putting on a smile.
By feigning success.
By ignoring it.
By doing more.
But it’s there, isn’t it?
And YOU know it.

Me? I regularly make a list of areas where I’ve dropped the ball, forgotten things, not done what I said – and then I get into action to DO the thing I’m avoiding.
With Excellence.
Even if no one is looking.

What’s ONE PROMISE you’ve made that you haven’t kept?
To yourself?To someone else?

Your Assignment:
Clean it up today!
Do the da#n thing and watch what happens – in your energy, in your business, in your life.

So…What ONE THING will you do to restore your Integrity today?

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