Busting the “Balance” Myths Once & For All (Part II)

Busting the “Balance” Myths Once & For All (Part II)

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A while back, I wrote about Busting the “Balance” Myths Once and For All and I talked about the importance of finding equilibirum instead of balance.
After all, balance really and truly is a MYTH.
That is, unless you’re talking about being a ballerina or an acrobat or a tightrope walker.  (which you probably feel like sometimes!)

It bears repeating:
You only get those same 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds in each and every day and considering that you cannot change how they go by or “manage” how quickly or slowly the pass, it’s absolutely vital that you become conscious of what you CAN manage to make the greatest use of every bit of time that you have the gift to spend.  As I’ve said before, you really do get to choose how to spend each second of your life.  The most effective and impactful way to use them is to do what matters most in your life.  And remember, this is how ordinary people have accomplished extraordinary things time and time again!

So I want to give you 4 really simple steps you can take to actually begin to create equilibrium and a sense of harmony in your life & business.

    • Clearly define your priorities by discerning what you VALUE.  Be certain it’s what YOU value – not your employer, not your friends or family members, not anyone but YOU.  Make sure what you value is in your schedule.  Manage your priorities.
    • Write out your next day’s task list each evening & mark each item with the value it serves.  By doing this, you can easily see when your equilibrium is leaning toward one area or another.  If it’s necessary to tip the scale a little, make up for it another day by adding activities and projects that will put focus back on other areas of your life.  Remember this:  you CAN have it all.  Often, however, you can’t have it all at the same time.  Manage your equilibrium.
    • Stop multitasking.   It’s simply not effective or productive.  This is when quality suffers and your guilt sensors sound off in your head.  You know when you’re not giving something the full attention it deserves.  Multitasking thwarts your integrity and you know you’re not giving all you’ve got.  Stop doing that!
    • Check in at least once a month with yourself.  This is crucial to making sure you feel what others call “balance”.   See if your equilibrium is off by checking in on how much time and focus you’re giving to the priorities (values) in your life.  If you find yourself off, designate actions to swing the equilibrium back in those important areas and get them into your calendar.
What I know is that when you follow these simple steps, you WILL:
    • Reignite your passion once you’re clear you’re focusing on what you consider vital to a successful life and business.
    • Feel fulfilled in everything you do knowing that you are honoring what really matters most.
    • Eliminate guilty feelings for concentrating on one thing as opposed to another when you realize what you’re doing in the moment is appropriately serving your values.
    • Turn down those distractions that seem so attractive once you get the importance of keeping your promises – to everyone including yourself.
    • Be productive and effective because what you’re working on will feel essential and urgent.

Want a little help getting there?  I can help.
Just apply for one of my Complimentary Discovery Sessions TODAY and we’ll get you back in equilibrium faster than you can say “Oh snap! I’m toppling over!”

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