What is The Authority Advisor™?

The Authority Advisor™ is a virtually "hands off", done-for-you Program designed to transform you - yes YOU - from the Advisor whose name no one can remember because you seem like all the other Advisors into The Authority Advisor™ whose name is on your ideal prospects' and ideal client's minds because you stand out!

  The Authority Advisor™ allows you to unequivocally:
    Create Credibility & Authority
    Differentiate you with an undeniable Expert Advantage
    Position yourself in your market as more than a "commodity"
    Develop your incomparable brand
    Share Your Why along with Your Story
    Connect with and inspire others
    Immortalize your Legacy

In The Authority Advisor™, we help you tell your story, share your philosophies, your inspiration.  We make certain that you become a #1 BestSelling Author, which instantly turns you into THE Financial Advisor who is the AUTHORITY...the one that prospects and clients move in closer to listen to every time you speak with them.

Why The Authority Advisor™?

I'll never forget the feeling of signing my own book when it was published!
It changed my business forever. 
I want you to have that - and even more!

The Authority Advisor™ allows you to capture the attention of MORE of your ideal prospects so you can turn them into your ideal clients. It shouts out that You are THE Authority.

  In fact, it can win you:
    Recognition as an Authority Advisor™ in your specialty
    Unique Selling Proposition beyond your competitors
    Professional opportunities you never anticipated
    Speaking Engagements as The Authority Advisor™
    Media Interviews regarding your specific expertise
    Leads even while you're on the golf course
    More Closed Business than ever before
    More Referrals than you ever dreamed

How Does The Authority Advisor™ Work?

Here's what Aprille and her Team do FOR YOU in
The Authority Advisor™ Program:
    We write your book without you having to touch the keyboard.
    We create a professional book cover that fits your brand.
    We format for Kindle eReader to get it on Kindle.
    We format for CreateSpace to get it on Amazon.
    We create your Official Book Launch website.
    We design a BestSeller Marketing Strategy.
    We send out a Press Release about you and your book.
    We drive customers to buy your book.
    We make you an Amazon #1 Bestseller Author.
    We transform you into an Authority Advisor™!

Here's what You do in The Authority Advisor™ Program:
    You show up to our Private 1:1 Bestseller Interviews.
    You send us the materials we need to Promote You.
    You become an Authority Advisor™.
    You enjoy the rewards of your Bestselling Advisor Success.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the Deadline to get in on The Authority Advisor™ Beta Program and SAVE $$$ ?

The Authority Advisor™ Beta offer ends Monday, November 30th at 12 am Central Standard.

To get The Authority Advisor™ at a Savings of $10,000, you must make application and be accepted into the Program by midnight CST on 11/30/15.

IF you are selected into the Program, you'll also receive TWO Special Bonuses, with a true cost value of $700.


2. Tell Me: How Do I Get Access to The Authority Advisor™?

There is only one way to get into The Authority Advisor™ and your $10,000 Savings (and $700 Special Bonuses) this week.
Here's how it works:

1.  Submit your Application  immediately at http://powerofclick.polldaddy.com/s/authorityadvisorbetaapp .
      Highlight the entire link above; copy and paste it into a new internet browser window to get your
      Application.  Applications must be received for The Authority Advisor™ NO LATER THAN November 27th
      at midnight Central so that we may complete a 1:1 Personal Assessment and complete your registration
      before the clock strikes the deadline (11/30/15).

2.  Check your Inbox for instructions after you submit your Authority Advisor™ Application that will tell
      you how to set up your 1:1 Personal Assessment. 
You will be contacted by a Team member to conduct your
      Personal Assessment within 24 hours of your phone call so that you don't miss the acceptance deadline

3.  Conduct your 1:1 Personal Assessment with Aprille.  Aprille will personally conduct each and every 1:1
      Personal Assessment to ensure that the selection process is fair and that each Authority Advisor™ Beta
      participant is an ideal match.  (We are only accepting ACTION TAKERS in this program!)

4.  IF you are selected for the Authority Advisor™ Beta Program (unfortunately, we cannot accept every
      Applicant): Check your Inbox for the Pre-Work that you'll need to complete. You'll have a bit of pre-work
      so that we have a comprehensive knowledge of you, your business, your expertise and your Authority Area.
      We'll need this to fully prepare to walk you hand in hand through the entire Authority Advisor™ process
      to ensure you complete your book and get it published.

5.  Choose a Pre-Release and a Release Date. Our Authority Advisor™ Team will get to work immediately,
      preparing the way for you to publish and launch your book - all the way to #1 Bestselling Status! Seamlessly.
      Painlessly. Virtually effortlessly. Just leave the rest to us and our highly experienced Authority Advisor™


3. I’m In! When Will I Get Started on The Authority Advisor™?

Great! If you are accepted in the Program, you’ll begin working inside The Authority Advisor™ immediately, as we'll send you pre-course work to get started within 24 hours after your registration is complete.


4. How Can I Become an Authority Advisor™ if I've already written a book?

The next questions we have for you are:
    Did you publish your book that you've already written? 
    Are you a #1 Bestselling Authority Advisor™ from the book you've already written? 
    Is the book you've already written bringing you more closed business?
Is the book you've already written getting you more referrals?

You see, only 20% of people who write a book actually publish it, which means only 6 people get published.  Even fewer ever become #1 BestSellers. 

If you've published and your book is NOT bringing you more closed business and more referrals and higher net worth clients, then you've still got some work to do.
Being a #1 Bestselling Author is THE missing link that transforms you into THE Authority Advisor™ rather than simply an Author.

And on your own, this could take months, even years.

In The Authority Advisor™ Program, we do it for you!
There is very little work you need to do on your own.
And...we won't let you off the hook!
Our reputation - as well as yours - depends on it.


5. Is there anything else I need to know about The Authority Advisor™?

We know you'll agree it's a pretty BIG DEAL to get The Authority Advisor™ at a $10,000 Savings.
But we also wanted to reward you for being a Fast Action Taker and Early Adopter.
So, we’re giving you two exclusive Special Bonuses if you are selected for The Authority Advisor™ this week, with a real value of $700. 

These are:
Bonus #1: Your Custom Authority Advisor™ Book Launch Flyer: Our Authority Advisor™ Team of Graphic Designers will create a customized Book Launch Flyer that you can use to create awareness and capture book sales for your published Authority Advisor™ Book and drive it to #1 on the Bestseller Charts.

Once we have your Authority Advisor™ Bestseller Book Cover design finalized, we'll create your marketing flyer and deliver it straight to your Inbox.

Bonus #2: Your Exclusive Authority Advisor™ Audios: You’ll also receive every single audio of your Authority Advisor™ Bestseller Interviews. You can use these in a variety of ways, from marketing incentives to client retention bonuses, as well as other business building strategies which we'll teach you.

To participate in The Authority Advisor™ Program and receive these two exclusive bonuses, you MUST complete your Authority Advisor™ registration before Mondy, November 30th at midnight CST/USA.

Simply Click the Button Below Right Now to get started.