Are You Living the Sweet Life?

Are You Living the Sweet Life?

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When was the last time you sat down to take an honest, hard look at your life
to see if you’re actually LIVING it – rather than DOING it?Tweet This
Have you ever just sat quietly and asked yourself things like:

  • Am I honoring what matters most to me?
    Or am I simply doing what needs to get done?
  • Am I serving those I love most?
    Or am I constantly dealing with the biggest fires of the moment?
  • Am I making a contribution in what I do?
    Or am I just “doing my job”?
  • Am I HAPPY at the end of the day?
    Or am I merely content that I get to go home?
  • Am I doing work that I know will live on beyond me?
    Or am I only doing what I need to “make ends meet”?

And most importantly, have you asked FIRST yourself, THEN those you cherish:

  • Have I honored my commitments to YOU?
    Or have I brushed off your requests, feigning “busyness”?
  • Have I behaved so that you EXPERIENCE my commitment to you?
    Or have I made you feel like you come last?
  • Have I honored the Agreements we’ve made TOGETHER?
    Or have I broken promises for the sake of “priorities”?
  • Have I left you feeling like I’m in life WITH you?
    Or have I swept you on the sidelines?
  • Have I given you the BEST of me?
    Or have I given you what’s “leftover” after everything else is “handled”?

You see, the Sweet Life – or Dolce Vita as I call it – really and truly is
available for you as much as it is for me.

All it takes is honoring what you value most.


Not always easy, I understand…with work, clients, growing families, health concerns, deadlines, expectations and all the things life brings us every day.  And yet, I know without a doubt that if you truly, truly desire it with every fiber of your being, you can indeed make it happen.

And you can do it starting NOW.

And I can show you how.

The question is…are you interested?


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