• Are you a business owner who has reached financial success and now you wonder “what’s next”?
  • Ever felt like the success is great but kind of pointless?
  • Trying to find meaning and purpose to everything you do?
  • Do you secretly want to make a difference AND have it all, be excited??

Now is the time!

Introducing Legacy Days

Legacy Days are dedicated solely to YOU!  They’re specially designed events where you’ll spend an entire day with me, being treated like my revered guest. During this VIP experience, we’ll uncover the Legacy you want to create and leave to the world – and how your business can play a big part in that. You’ll walk out with a plan of action to implement it starting the very next day. We’ll address all the obstacles and challenges you see in the way and brainstorm ways to remove or sidestep them. (Note: Typically, these are done face to face, however, they can also be done effectively via Skype.)

In this exclusive full day of executive one to one coaching you’ll:

  • Clarify your Personal Vision
  • Align your Personal Vision with your Business Vision
  • Address any gaps in alignment
  • Design your living Legacy
  • Create a Blueprint to integrate the Business so that it fully supports the design and sustainability of your Legacy.

Legacy Days are also offered as a two day private Legacy Retreat to small groups at deluxe locations.

They have been highly received by Wealth Management and Wealth Planners for their clients.

To learn more or to schedule your Legacy VIP Day or Legacy Retreat, contact Aprille at Aprille@AprilleTrupiano.com.