ALL IN…the Million Dollar Agent & Advisor Way

ALL IN…the Million Dollar Agent & Advisor Way

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So I was emailing with a colleague the other day and it got me thinking about you!
Yes…you.  (I do that a lot actually)

With her permission, here’s what she wrote back to me after a short exchange about our business relationship:

“Thanks for everything you do, Aprille. You said something yesterday that helped me understand you – it had to do with how you do everything – everything you do is ALL IN. You aren’t messing around. If you’re doing something you are doing it. No wiggle room. If only everyone operated that way! Imaging the work we could get done in the world! Let’s discuss how we can inspire that in the Executive Team. “ Laura B., Financial Advisor

To which I sent her this reply:

I never thought about it that way because I’m a person who likes to evaluate all the options available before I make a decision.
But YES, you are correct.
Once I’ve made a decision, I’m an ALL IN kind of person.

I just always feel like doing less than ALL IN is a waste of energy b/c in the end, my results end up half a$$ed and nothing like what I expected
And that always steals my joy from aaaaaall the work I did to get there.
Especially when where I get is far from where I intended because my heart and my efforts weren’t ALL IN.

But that’s me.

I suppose I got it watching my parents, as I mentioned in the video you saw.
[You can see the video HERE – scroll down to Video #5 “What Makes Aprille Different as a Coach?”] My father didn’t have the luxury to be anything BUT ‘all in’ or people would lose jobs, lose health care benefits, lose their homes & families.
My mother didn’t exercise the luxury to be anything BUT ‘all in’ because she believes if you believe something is worth doing, you may as well do it ‘right’.
She believed in ‘burning the bridges behind you’ if you truly cared with all your heart, so that you could then focus on what there was to do to SUCCEED
rather than wasting time doing it half a$$ed or worse, keeping one eye on the back door if things got rocky to look for the next seemingly “bigger, better” option.

I meant what I said from the heart in the video.
My father SHOWED me balls to the wall, 100% committed, servant leadership.
My mother SHOWED me 100% committed, unconditional love, even if it requires extra effort.

It’s who I am.
It’s what I teach my clients.
And frankly, it’s why my clients get the incredible results they do.
(I intend no arrogance here; the facts speak for themselves)

I simply think being IN ACTION is a better way than constantly “talking about” or always “waiting on someone else” to get things done.

Why does this make me think of you?

Because if you want to reach the Million Dollar mark and Claim Your Seat at the Round Table™ like other successful Agents and Advisors have done, you MUST be ‘All In’.
They’ll tell you…they are.
Their results and accomplishments back up what they’re saying.

Here’s the truth as I see it:

If you’re not ALL IN, you’re OUT.
Or you’re looking for a way out.
Or you’re waiting for a  way out to present itself.

You’re thinking a way out will come down the road and you won’t have to actually make a choice to be Out.
You won’t have to take responsibility for being Out.
Because you’ll be able to look people in the eye and say “I tried”.

Hard fact:
Not being ‘All In’ isn’t trying.
Just like working to ‘Not Fail’ isn’t working to Succeed.

One thing I know for sure:
Being ‘All In’ isn’t our kneejerk reaction.
Our kneejerk reaction is to be ‘In’ – like, little toes dipping in the water ‘In’.
And if it feels too uncomfortable, we’re ‘Not In’.
Whether we admit it or not.

Another thing I know for sure:
As long as you’re not ‘All In’ you’re wasting your time.
Because you’re half a$$ing it all over the place.
And then you’ll look back and ‘shoulda-woulda-coulda’ all over yourself.
And you’ll think that the guilt you feel makes up for the disappointment you (and perhaps others) feel.
But you know inside it doesn’t.

Because YOU know the truth.

And if you really – I mean REALLY, with everything you are – want to be a Million Dollar Agent or Advisor, you’ve got to stop lying to yourself about being ‘All In’ when you’re not.
More importantly, if you truly want to respect yourself and be proud of who you are, what you accomplish, and the Legacy you leave behind, lying to yourself (and others around you) about it just isn’t worth the bother.

Million Dollar Agents and Advisors are absoflutely, 100%, without question ‘ALL IN’.

Leave me a comment and tell me:
Where are you NOT being “All In”?
What are you willing to do about it?

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