Easy Ways to Adjust your Attitude – for Real!

Easy Ways to Adjust your Attitude – for Real!

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Consider this:

    • What one area are you resisting?  Be real about how your resistance is making you crabby, cranky, resentful…STOP DOING THAT and Adjust your attitude.
    • What in your business could you delegate?  Give it to someone who loves doing that thing and put your attention on doing the things YOU enjoy so you can Love what you do.
    • Where are you giving a half-assed effort because you’re worn out & exhausted?  Get the hell out of the office, get some rest and Do your best.
    • When’s the last time you put everything down, looked someone straight in the eye and said a heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’?  Show gratitude and Treat everyone with respect.

Not always that easy, I admit.
But yes, it’s that simple.

I’d love to hear from you when you give this a shot!  Tell me how it’s working for you.

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