3 Reasons Why Women Are Better Entrepreneurs

3 Reasons Why Women Are Better Entrepreneurs

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Let’s be clear, men are a great business minded gender. They’re resilient, smart, brave and know how to bottom line things in about ten seconds flat.  But women…women are…well…better.


Because women are genetically designed for survival, for getting things accomplished, for being undauntable. 

Here are three simple reasons…

  • Women can genuinely multitask
  • Women are extremely resourceful
  • Women build relationships

Women multitask: Think about it. Since the beginning of time, women have had to do everything involved in running a household – everything.  Fast forward a millennium…here she is, the consummate woman, baby on her hip, telephone in the crook of her neck when the school nurse calls about little Sara, stirring the soup and straining around the doorway to see who’s knocking on the front door.  You can go ahead and laugh (or groan) but I know you remember your own mother or your grandmother up to her elbows in kids, housework, homework and preparing for Daddy’s return to the homestead.  Go even further back in time and you’ll add about fifteen other duties and responsibilities she had to manage as well.  You know I’m right.  Being born as the gender to bear and raise future generations, we’ve been genetically engineered by the powers that be to do MORE with LESS time and resources.  And we have done just that!  So really, it’s no biggie to women when we are answering a client call, signing off on a purchase order and checking email all simultaneously.  We hear with BOTH ears, even when each one has someone else talking into it.  We use BOTH sides of our brains to balance out the practical needs of a household – or business – with the more emotional and ethereal needs of life.  We can walk, talk, chew gum AND put on lipstick at the same time.  As entrepreneurs, that’s the way we typically start out. Until we can build a team, we MUST be able to multitask and be able to switch from one conversation to the next without blinking an eye or requiring a debriefing.

Women are resourceful: How many decades have passed when families were in desperate need and food supplies or job opportunities have been challenged? Women have had to create feasts for a family of six on shoestring budget.  Ever hear of a mother whose child is extremely ill and no one knows the cause?  Women will hunt down someone who will find out what’s wrong with her baby (no matter how old that “baby” is) and find a cure if one exists – or exhaust herself trying.  Women don’t quit.  They don’t give in to a “no”.  They’ve been told all the things they “can’t” do for so long, but with persistence, women have shown that “yes, they CAN”.  So upon hearing “no”, they’ve come to just ignore it and plunge forward anyway.  We don’t just look at the proverbial “box” and accept it as is.  We look for ways to make it work – for the good of all.  We tear it apart and find new ways to put it back together that will serve even more people than it was originally intended to serve without adding to the reconstruction cost.  Entrepreneurs – especially women entrepreneurs – typically start their businesses with less than $10,000 cash reserves.  While it may take more than the predictable 3-5 years to be rolling into the black when we start out with little bankroll, we women entrepreneurs keep forging ahead.  We keep the business going so that it feeds our families even if we’re not in posh offices or driving a Jaguar just yet.

Women build relationships: Today, Gallop polls tell us over 67% of all Americans trust small business more than they trust big businesses (only 19%).  Wow!  That tells us that Americans do business with people they trust.  And to trust someone, there must be relatedness.  While we need our male counterparts to build stuff, we need our female entrepreneurs because they build relationships.  They build authentic, genuine, deep rooted relationships.  Today, especially with the ratio of faceless, voiceless online businesses, people want to feel they know the person with whom they’re spending their money, their time, the person who is selling them items they depend on for their business, their clients, their families.  The relationships that women build have been recorded, revered, even celebrated, throughout history.  We create relationships that are built on understanding, service, contribution, compassion, trust, honor.  These are the qualities of good business practices.  These are the qualities of relationships built by women.  These are the best practices of women entrepreneurs.

So women, take heart.  You’ve innately got everything you need already!  As entrepreneurs, you’ve got tremendous advantages working in your favor, including:

Take into consideration…


…are actually very good at doing many things at once. While it’s not admittedly the best way to work, it’s absolutely necessary, especially in the first phases of the business.

…make things work – no excuses, no reasons “why not”. They only look for “how can I/we…” when building and growing their business.

…know how to build relationships that will sustain their businesses over the long haul. From this, they create customers for life and a support system that will hold them up and propel them forward if challenges arise.

So, women entrepreneurs:  Be Proud.  Be Fierce.  Be Unstoppable!


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