“You Have 3 months to Live”

“You Have 3 months to Live”

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What would you do if you heard these words today?
Answering this question is a cornerstone to living a life without regrets. I know because I’ve done it.
You see, I was going about my ideal life one day, living my dreams…the very dream life I’d had since I was 14years old. From the first time I could remember actually having thoughts about what I wanted to be when I ‘grew up’. And as I stood there, about to move forward on having the next best move in my career come to fruition, I got the call that would wake me up to this question. No, it wasn’t someone telling me that I had 3 months to live exactly. But it was a call asking me to get off the rocket ship of my dream life and do what was most important. To take the next 3 months and live them like they were the last shot I’d have at living FOR something.  Something bigger than me.  Something bigger than my dreams. 

I had a life altering choice to make and I made it without hesitation. I hung up the phone with my sister, said ‘No’ to the opportunity in front of me, packed a small roll-on bag and headed to my family’s home from where I was living in Milan, Italy – as a Fashion Designer with my own design business (and an Angel Investor pumping funds into my startup company). And I’ve never looked back thinking ‘what if’.  Because I did just what I’m about to share with you that you can do for yourself and  I knew it was the thing I was meant to do in that moment.

But first, let’s go back to the original question.
So what if YOU received news that you had only 3 months to live? Or something just as shocking?
How would it change things in your world? Or would it change things at all? Does it matter?

I say ‘yes’.
Every now and again, it’s critical that you stop and inventory what REALLY matters – as if it’s your last chance to be involved in it. Because really, truly you’ll never know if it IS the last chance you’ll have. To do what’s right. To spend time with your grandchildren. To snuggle your kids at bedtime or help them with their math homework. To jump out of a perfectly good airplane (something I highly recommend!).  To race an Indy car (betcha can’t catch me – my top speed so far is 151.50 :-D). 

History is rife with stories of those who thought they had TIME to do these things – someday – later – when the laundry got finished, when the big campaign at work was over, when they got 3 new clients, when they had xx amount of money in the bank, when they lost 30 pounds, when they did just one more thing (besides the thing that mattered most).

Asking yourself “How?” I mean, really…’how?’
You don’t have to quit your job.
You don’t have to leave your family behind.
You don’t have to stop being who you are.
Indeed…you just have to REALLY be who you are – at your core…in your joyspot.

And here’s some good news.  It’s as simple as 1-2-3.
But the trick is, you’ve gotta take it seriously. 
Let me share with you how I learned to do it – and how I teach my clients that I work with in my business as an International Coach on Business & Leadership.

  1. Take a half hour on the weekend, with your favorite cup of coffee or your preferred brewed tea and ask yourself “When I’m gone from this Earth, to whom will that matter? What will they remember about me and how I was with them in life? How did I make them feel? What did I give them that they can hold onto long after I’m gone?”
  2. As you review the tasks ahead of you each morning, ask yourself: “Will this make a difference for those I love and cherish? Does it serve either a) my survival needs and my non negotiable values or b) those I love and adore?”
  3. Every night as you complete the day and plan your ‘tomorrow’, think about how you want to FEEL. Be sure to include ONE action that once finished, will give you that feeling and have you experiencing life as if no bit of your life is left un-lived.

This is what I did. It’s what I still do. It’s what I teach my clients with whom I work. It ensures I live Regret-Free each and every moment.  It ensures my clients they live Regret-Free every single day. 

And THAT is, sadly, a rare thing.

But you CAN do the same.

Question is…will you?

If you practice the simple plan I’ve shared above, you CAN live your life such that if you were suddenly faced with the dreadful words “You have 3 months to live” you could live them knowing you have lived to the fullest expression of who you are and what you were put here to do.

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